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The Message By Mr. Ahmet Arslan, Esteemed Minister, For December 7th International Civil Aviation Day

7 Dec 2017
I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the December 7th International Civil Aviation Day of all persons serving across the civil aviation industry, with all joyous feelings I have deep inside me to see that our civil aviation industry is achieving a brand new success each passing day.
December 7th, marking the date of establishment of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), is celebrated as the International Civil Aviation Day in our country, as in the entire world. Especially this year, we embrace the December 7th with even greater enthusiasm originating from the growth figures we have achieved across the civil aviation industry.
While the global aviation industry achieves growth with single-digit figures, the civil aviation industry of Turkey has been growing steadily with double-digit figures in the last decade, becoming closer for realization of its vision for 2023 gradually. throughout this year, our airports have broken a new record in each month in terms of pax number and flight traffic. We take the justified pride of having four out of five airports which have increased their pax number most across the Europe, showing that we are the country that has contributed most to the growth figures achieved across the European aviation.
International aviation organizations point out that the development of our country in the field of civil aviation will continue at full steam.Based on the forecasts by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in the field of aviation for 2036; Turkey will become one of the ten top-ranking markets across the world, and be among the first five countries in terms of growth rate in the next two decades. 
We realize major investments such as construction of the 3rd Airport, which is an awe-inspiring investment for the entire world, and take all necessary steps to make the growth potential of our civil aviation industry sustainable. We construct not only airports but also sea bridges, and proceed determinedly with concrete steps to realize our vision of becoming the country with the most extensive flight network connecting the continents and the world.  After taking all these steps, Turkey will become a global aviation hub and raise to the position of top-ranking countries leading the field of global aviation. 
Last year, Turkey crowned all its achievements with the General Council membership of ICAO, of which it was among the founding members, granting the right to involve in the decision-making processes at the heart of the global aviation. Our country will keep carrying out its operations on the basis of the flight safety and aviation safety in accordance with the ICAO standards, and contributing to the global aviation system in line with the "cooperation" aim of the organization, as it used to be.
I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks once again to all institutions and organizations, providing their contributions to all these important achievements, and the esteemed persons serving across the Turkish civil aviation industry, and celebrate the December 7th International Civil Aviation day of all persons serving in the entire aviation field, especially the ICAO member states, as a General Council member of ICAO.
Kind regards,

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications