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The Message By Mr. Bahri Kesici, Acting Director General Of Directorate General Of Civil Aviation Of Republic Of Turkey, On The Occasion Of December 7th “International Civil Aviation Day”

I would like to wish a happy December 7th International Civil Aviation Day to all ICAO member countries and those who work in the civil aviation industry, wishing the global aviation operations to be carried out safe and secure by means of the bilateral and multilateral partnerships to be established in the field of global civil aviation field.  
In this age of innovations where technology develops in an ever-increasing rate, the basic need is to develop the access and transportation opportunities of our current society called as the "Network Society". Aviation connections can only be reinforced through enhanced transnational and international partnerships.  Accordingly; we maintain our efforts and initiatives in line with the theme "No Country Left Behind" adopted by ICAO which sets the global civil aviation guidelines, draws up the statutory regulations and lays down the standards to implement them.
Considering all steps, to be taken for the partnerships in civil aviation, as the basic strategic factor to achieve our mission of "The Future is in the Skies", our country provides contribution to the global aviation system in three aspects. The first one is the contribution we have provided to the global aviation system with the airline passenger number and boosted aircraft traffic volume after we have become one of the countries with the most developed global flight network by means of reinforced partnerships with the other countries and the bilateral air transport agreements. The air connections, we have established in line with our mission of "No global location will remain for us to fly", are among the basic criteria which have carried our country up to the top-ranking place in aviation lists.   

The second one is the progress made by our country for compliance with the international regulations and standards, and introduction of the aviation safety management system to our aviation industry. Thanks to the initiatives we have taken in line with the target of ensuring sustainable growth of our industry without compromising on the aviation safety by means of close cooperation with the international organizations, After our endless efforts, Turkey currently serves as an example for civil aviation organization across our region and the regional countries not only for its boosted capacity and passenger numbers but also its safety standards adopted in accordance with the contemporary global regulations.

The third one is the enhancement of our existing opportunities and capabilities in aviation by developing our infrastructure potential, and realization of giant projects which put the advantages of our strategic geographical position at the disposal of the global aviation system. Besides strengthening the global transit point status of our country, Istanbul New Airport and our planned future regional airports will be serving at the disposal of the global aviation as new bridges connecting the continents and world nations together, marking a substantial indicator of the future vision of Turkey.

As consequence of all these contributions by Turkey to the global aviation targets, Turkey was selected as the Member of the Council, top-ranking decision-making body of the organization, in 2016 and crowned all these achievements indicated above. Together with the inauguration of the İstanbul new Airport, our membership to ICAO Council is an important indicator showing that we're taking concrete steps towards our targets in aviation set for 2023. The biggest share of this achievement is held by the "strong-willed", "administrative" and "dedicated" staff of our civil aviation industry. I hereby would like to extend my sincere thanks to our President for his determined posture and strong will for enhancing the capacity of our civil aviation industry, our Ministers and the concerned public institutions for their constructive cooperation and finally our dedicated aviation professionals for their excellent efforts to achieve a safe, secure and sustainable civil aviation industry in our country.
Once again, I am delighted to send this message to the esteemed civil aviation directors, employees serving across global civil aviation industry including our colleagues in Turkey. I wish all those involved in the air transport industry success in their endeavors to achieve a globally sustainable air transport industry.
Kind regards,
Acting Director General of Civil Aviation