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The duties of the Aerodromes Department are carried out within the organization of 3 directorates. These directorates are as follows;
  • Directorate of Groundhandling Services
  • Directorate of Aerodrome Standards and Certification 
  • Directorate of Business Establishment and Facilitation
The duties of Aerodromes Department are as follows:
To determine the criteria for the site selection of any civil aerodromes, helicopter landing-take-off fields, off-shore air facilities to be built and all kind of landing-departure runways to be used in civil aviation, to supervise the practices.
To determine the elements of the operation and development of existing civil aerodromes as well as helicopter landing-take-off  areas and off-shore air facilities, and to supervise the practices.
To determine the elements for certification of aerodromes open to civil air traffic and to supervise the practices.
To prepare the obstacle plans of civil aerodromes, to cooperate with the relevant organizations in terms of conformity with the plans, to give opinion in accordance with the zone plans to be prepared in the scope of the obstacle plan of local administrations.
To determine the guidelines for using the civil aerodromes for other purposes, to advise them to the relevant organizations and to ensure cooperation.
To make the arrangements related to the authorization of service providers to be commissioned at aerodromes, to take or procure the taking of the measures required to ensure the safe and secure conduct them in accordance with the provisions of national regulations, to supervise them and follow up the practices.  
To ensure and follow up the implementation of international standards in terms of aerodrome facilitation.
To perform similar duties to be entrusted by the Director General.

Acting Head of Aerodromes Department

Aerodromes Department
  Groundhandling Services Aerodrome Standards and Certification Business Establishment and Facilitation Environment

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