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He was born in Ankara, and enrolled in the Aeronautical Engineering Department in Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Istanbul Technical University with his “Young Scientist Scholarship” started in his high school years from the Scientific and Technical Research Institute of Turkey (TUBITAK) in 1979. He was selected as one of eleven “The Future Turkish Aviator”s by the “Turkish Air Force Foundation” in the same year and supported by the scholarship of success.

When EREL was a sophomore, he joined the Turkish Air Force (TuAF) and graduated as an Aeronautical Engineer in 1982. He assumed his first duty at the 1st Air Logistics Center Command (TuAF - 1st HIBM) in Eskisehir of the same year. He has contributed and led in the depot level maintenance, modernization and system integration projects of aircraft platforms (i.e. F-16, F-4, T-38), engines (i.e. F110, T700/CT7, J79, J85, T56 series), components, engine controls and accessories.

EREL had the responsibility of F-16 Senior National Representative Office for the Republic of Turkey in the F-16 System Program Office of USAF between 2000 and 2002. After completing his duty abroad, EREL started working in the 1st HIBM and retired from Turkish Air Force when he was the President for Technical Management (including Turkish Air Force wide technology and engineering for specified weapon systems, including all fighters, all turbo engines etc.) in March 2005.

After retirement, EREL had served in the executive positions for some in the aerospace – aviation and defence industries and provided advisory services, as well. In his last position in the civil aviation industry, he was running Technology and Business Development Directorate of myTECHNIC Aircraft MRO Service Center in Istanbul, Turkey. He was also a member of the steering and commercial committees with the responsibility of strategic business positioning including R&D initiatives. He has been continuing working as an advisor on the technology and business solutions for the authorities and industrial units in the local and international markets.

So, EREL had over 35 years of hands-on management and on-the-soil experience in highly complex and competitive technological programs, aeronautical and defence related business development pursuits. 

In his professional career;

  • He was a member of the evaluation team for Peace Onyx-II (F-16) engine selection.
  • He was a member of NATO-AGARD Propulsion and Energetics Panel between 1994 and 1998, and the director of an AGARD Project (Project#110, J79 Engine Signature) in this time frame.
  • Shortly after receiving his MBA degree on “Management and Organization” from Anatolian University, he enrolled in Boston Northeastern University Graduate School of Engineering for “Aircraft Propulsion System Engineering” program supported by General Electric and completed the program in 1996.
  • Proposed Mentor for General Electric 6Sigma Projects with Turkish Air Force and Point of Contact for General Electric Executive Quality Dash-Boards for Turkish Air Force.
  • JAA Maintenance Organization Exposition (Form 4) Certified Director of Turkish DGCA.
  • He has taken many courses, most of them related to aero gas turbines, and received unique trainings for managers from the General Electric Management Development Center.
  • He has contributed in the formation of…
    • the first School of Civil Aviation in Anadolu University,
    • the first Anatolian High School on propulsion school,
    • Cappadocia Vocational College aviation programs and her campus in Istanbul, best example of "school-industry-government cooperation" in Turkey,
  • He was the first member of Cappadocia Vocational College board of trustee for aviation programs and the strategic planner of her second campus in Istanbul.
  • He was the first chairman of the Committee of Aeronautics of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers and a member of Advisory Board of Istanbul Technical University, and Civil Aviation Research and Application Center Advisory Board of Anadolu University, and a member of the Cappadocia Vocational College Board of Trustees.

He has some publications on technologies, management, strategic business positioning models in aerospace and defence related services. He won the award for "Best Author of Aviation" from the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association for his first book, "Can'Ca Remarkable Traces of Industrial Development in Turkey" published in March 2014 and the “Can’ca Scholarship of Success” is created with the revenues from the book sales. He was also selected as “Vecihi Hürkuş - Volunteer of the Year in Aviation” in 2015.

For his efforts on advancing gender balance in air & space workplaces, he was,

  • Selected as WOAW Volunteer in 2015, 2016 & 2017,
  • Certified as “Women Friendly” professional,
  • Awarded as “Most Acclaimed Flying Organizer Worldwide” in 2016.

by Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide (iWOAW).

In May 2017, EREL received the bounty of ITU Aeronautics and Astronautics Faculty Dean's Gown worn by Prof. Dr. Yurdanur TULUNAY for this contribution into the national aerospace and aviation industries.

EREL was an freelance technology & business advisor and mentor, and is,

  • A member of Chamber of Mechanical Engineers - Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architectures.
  • Vice President of the Turkish Civil Aviation Sectorial Assembly of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey for “Education and R&D” and its representative in the,
    • "R&D Commission" of Ministry of Science, Industry & Technology
    • "Civil Aviation Commission" of Council of Higher Education.

As the Deputy Director General now, EREL is in charge of Airworthiness Department, Aerodromes Department, Aviation Security Department, DGCA Offices in Istanbul and Antalya, and the relations with the ECAC and EASA. He is also the Quality Representative for the DGCA organization, the Chairperson of the Gender Balance Fostering Commission (DGCA-GBFC) and an observer in the ICAO-ANC Airworthiness Panel.