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He was born in 1962, in Adilcevaz, a district of Bitlis Province.  He started to serve at Adilcevaz Finance Office in 1987 after he has graduated from the Faculty of Economics of Anadolu University in 1985. He served as the Siirt/Baykan Finance Manager and as the Mayor for a definite period of time, and served as Corum Iskilip Finance Manager, Kirikkale Keskin Finance Manager, as well as he served at Ankara Oncology Hospital, Ankara Training and Research Hospital, Ulucanlar Eye Hospital, 75. Yuzyıl Oral and Dental Hospital and Topraklik Oral and Dental Hospital, as Accounting Manager, respectively. He was assigned as the Head of the Strategy Development Department of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation in 2007. Currently he holds such office at the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, as well as serving as the Head of the Ethics Committee of our Directorate General. 

Divisions reporting to the Departmentare the Support Services Directorate, Accounting Directorate, Budget Directorate, R&D Directorate and the IT Division.

The duties of Strategy Development Department are as follows:
To carry out the duties assigned to strategy development and financial services divisions in accordance with the Public Financial Management and Supervision Law, dated 10/12/2003 and numbered. 5018, and Article 15 of the Law, dated 22/12/2005 and numbered 5436;
To carry out and to fulfill any other duties to be assigned by the Directorate General.

Strategy Development Department
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