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The duties of the Air Navigational Department are carried out within the organization of 2 Directorates. These Directorates are as follows;
  • Communications and Air Traffic Systems Directorate
  • Air Traffic Management Directorate
The duties of Air Navigational Department are as follows:

To carry out actions for arrangement of airspace in relation to civil terminal and control areas, and air traffic services, and to ensure coordination with the relevant civil and military institutions and organizations; 

To carry out planning, to establish regulations and to ensure implementation thereof, in coordination with the relevant organizations, with the purpose of conducting the air traffic management services in a regular, safe, quick and economical manner;

To review the air incidents, to have the same reviewed, to assess the same, and to advise the relevant persons and institutions about the matter, and to ensure coordination upon taking the required measures;

To publish NOTAM and Aeronautical Information Publication in relation to the airspace capacity and use in coordination with the relevant institutions and organizations, or to ensure that the same is published, and to determine the procedures and principles in relation to publication of NOTAM and Aeronautical Information Publication by the service providers in respect of the matters other than the mentioned matters, and to perform the required arrangements and to take any and all required measures;

To take actions in relation to the air traffic management together with the national and international institutions, bodies and organizations, and to ensure and monitor that the implementations in relation to the statutory regulations are carried out, if and when so required;

To monitor the aeronautical communications and practices, and to ensure the frequency coordination accordingly;

To coordinate the works in relation to the aviation meteorology, and to ensure that they are implemented;

To establish and inspect the required regulations required to be complied by the civil aircraft in respect of the public and flight safety and the navigational security, and to take measures in relation to the air traffic management services, and to determine, monitor, update and cancel the principles for licensing the relevant personnel;

To obtain the opinions of the military and civil organizations at the stage of determination of prohibited, restricted and dangerous areas, and to initiate the required actions;

To determine the scope and nature of the training required to be received by the air traffic personnel, and the training principles of the private training organizations to provide training to the air traffic personnel;

To carry out and to fulfill any such other duties to be assigned by the Director General.
Air Navigational Department
  Communications and Air Traffic Systems Directorate Air Traffic Management Directorate
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