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The duties of the Rulemaking and Training Department are as follows:
To carry out the actions required for design, manufacturing and operation of any aircraft as well as for determination of the need for regulations on the personnel requiring license, operation, airport, air traffic management and any other aviation fields, and also for drawing up, monitoring and revision of the relevant regulations, in order to ensure flight safety and aviation security in the field of civil aviation;
To draw up the required regulations in respect of the matters covered by its duties and responsibilities, and also to ensure the required coordination accordingly;
To determine the training policy of the Directorate General and the industry in relation to civil aviation in compliance with the national and international standards, and also to determine the need in line with the policy designated for such purpose;
To determine the training programs needed, and to ensure that such programs are kept up-to-date;
To carry out and to fulfill any such other duties to be assigned by the Director General.
Rulemaking and Training Department
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