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The duties of the Air Transport Department are carried out within the organization of 2 Directorates. These Directorates are as follows;
  • Flight Assessment and Authorization Directorate
  • International Agreements Directorate 

The duties of Air Transport Department are as follows:
To ensure and supervise that all flight operations are carried out in accordance with the national regulations, bilateral and multilateral agreements, and the relevant legislation;

To review and approve the flight schedules and flights of the air operators, operating flights from/to the airports at our country, and to grant the required permits thereto;

To grant flight permits to any and all civil aircraft flying over Turkey; 

To assess the requests forwarded for operation at lines by the air operators;

To execute bilateral or multilateral air transport/services agreements, and to supervise that whether the provisions of such agreement are complied with, or not;

To assess any statistical data and trends in relation to aircraft movements, passenger, cargo and mail traffic;

To perform and supervise the arrangements required to implement the regulations set out internationally in relation to the passenger rights;

To perform the required arrangements in respect of the slot implementation at the airports with traffic congestion, and to conduct any processes and procedures for authorization of institutions and organizations, which will ensure slot implementation, upon the approval of the Minister;

To improve the civil aviation activities; and to determine the base and ceiling fees, if and when required, in cooperation with the concerned service divisions and organizations of the Ministry in relation to the civil aviation services, including transportation, and to supervise the implementation of the same, being limited with the purpose of ensuring free, fair and sustainable competitive environment;

To carry out and to fulfill any such other duties to be assigned by the Director General.
Air Transport Department
  Flight Assessment and Authorization Directorate International Agreements Directorate
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