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The Message By Mr. Bahri Kesici, Acting Director General, For December 7th International Civil Aviation Day

7 Dec 2017
I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the December 7th International Civil Aviation Day with my best wishes, and hope that all civil aviation operations are carried out safely and smoothly across the global.
December 7th, marking the date of establishment of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) that was founded in 1944 in order for performance of all civil aviation operations in line with the flight safety and aviation safety standards on global basis, is celebrated as the International Civil Aviation Day in our country, as in the entire world.

As one of the founding members of ICAO, Turkey achieved a great success in 2016 when it was selected as one of the General Council Members thanks to the growth it attained across the civil aviation industry in the recent years, its contributions to the global aviation system, and its regional cooperative projects. We are delighted to represent our country in ICAO and to have included in the decision-making mechanism of the global aviation, and also to experience December 7th as an ICAO Council member this year.

Now, we put our hearts and souls into our duties even more devotedly, keeping in mind that we assume an important responsibility as a result of our efforts to carry out our civil aviation operations in line with the standards, determined by ICAO, and also to transpose the international regulations into our country. We keep taking all necessary steps to maintain the industrial growth on the basis of the flight safety and aviation safety in order to make our country one of the top-ranking companies across the global aviation arena, in line with our vision for 2023.

In line with the theme "Working Together to Ensure No Country is Left Behind" selected by ICAO for 2015-2018, we adopt as our primary principle to cooperate and share our experiences in a wide range of fields such as technics, infrastructure, training, etc. with the surrounding countries and regional partnerships. This cooperation theme, which is important for smooth operation of the global civil aviation system, is also important for the contributions to economic development of our countries.  This understanding laid the basis of the giant leap, initiated by our country in 2003 following the Regional Aviation Policy, and brought along the economic development as the locomotive of the other industries by the aviation industry.   
We will keep carrying out our civil aviation operations in accordance with the ICAO standards and on the basis of cooperation, as the case up until now, and maintain our efforts without compromising on the flight safety and aviation safety.
Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the December 7th International Civil Aviation Day of all esteemed managers and employees of our Directorate General and the civil aviation industry, particularly Mr. Ahmet ARSLAN, Esteemed Minister, who has never withheld his support in all our projects and implementations we have realized so far to develop the civil aviation industry.
Kind regards,
Acting Director General of Civil Aviation