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Charges Tariff

Our Directorate General, which has been subjected to a reorganization and transformed into a private budgeted institution in accordance with the Law Nr. 5431 on the Organization and Duties of Directorate General of Civil Aviation, produces its own revenues against the services offered, without using any public funding. Achieving financial autonomy with the purpose of carrying out any and all civil aviation activities in accordance with the international regulations and standards as well as of ensuring flight safety and aviation security at the maximum level, our institution publishes service tariff in respect of the activities carried out by the same.

Service tariff of our Directorate General, which started to use the Revenue Automation System in 2013, has been organized through a new system in a manner to provide a separate code to all revenue items, and to enable the revenues to be calculated and compared on the basis of unit and service.

In respect of any applications to be made to our Directorate General, the receipts for the fees set out under the service tariff are required to be submitted. Any applications without receipts are not taken into consideration, and the service fees of any applications, deemed to be inappropriate, are not returned.


Turkiye Halk Bankasi Emek Branch Account Number TR59 0001 2009 4010 0005 0000 09 
Vakiflar Bankasi Maltepe Branch Account Number: TR93 0001 5001 5800 7292 6614 83

Our service tariff is published only in Turkish.


“Hizmet Tarife Ödeme Sisteminden” ( öncelikle tahakkuk fişi oluşturularak ödeme işlemi yapılacaktır.
Ödeme işlemi sırasında banka açıklama bölümüne Tahakkuk No eklenmesi zorunlu olup bu şekilde yapılmayan ödemeler için hizmet verilemeyecektir.”

Date of Effect: 25.01.2019

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