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The duties of the Aviation Security Department are carried out under the organization of 2 Directorates, and 1 Coordinatorship. These are as follows;

  • Security Inspection Directorate
  • Security Training Directorate
  • Cyber Security Coordinatorship

The duties of Aviation Security Department are as follows:

To take measures required to prevent the unlawful interferences, threatening the civil aviation security, and any other threats;

To take, monitor and inspect the required actions and measures in order for implementation of the international security standards in the civil aviation industry, to ensure that "Initial Aviation Security" trainings are provided periodically in compliance with the international standards, and to monitor the implementation of the same;

To establish regulations in relation to carriage of unruly and inadmissible passengers, and also to inspect the practices thereto;

To establish regulations in relation to carriage of dangerous goods by air, and also to inspect the practices thereto;

To determine the procedures and principles for airport access cards, to print such cards or to have the same printed, and to distribute the cards in consideration of a fee;

To authorize the air cargo agents, to determine the procedures and principles accordingly, and to draw up the regulations and to carry out the inspections in respect of complying with the security regulations;

To carry out and to fulfill any such other duties to be assigned by the Director General.

Aviation Security Department
  Security Inspection

Security Training 

Cyber Security Coordinatorship

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