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Procedures for Airworthiness

In respect of any aircraft registered or brought to be registered to the Turkish Civil Aircraft Registry, or included in the scope of the Regulation on Continued Airworthiness and Maintenance Liability (SHY-M); the procedure for reviewing the airworthiness status is carried out, and the airworthiness certificate is issued if deemed appropriate.

“Regulation on Requirements for Issuance and/or Validation of the Airworthiness Certificates SHT.21.1 Revision 02”, dated 09/01/2001, has been repealed through SHT-M Regulation. In respect of any aircraft, for which an airworthiness certificate has previously been issued in line with the said Instruction, and which is included in the scope of SHY-M Regulation, as well as in respect of the operators, which operate such aircraft, and which have been authorized in accordance with SHY-6B and SHT Balloon, the airworthiness inspection is conducted in accordance with SHT-M until the end of the process for compliance specified under SHY-M Regulation, and the International Airworthiness Certificate (Form 25N) is issued.

In respect of any aircraft, which does not fall under the scope of SHY-M Regulation, and specified as attached to the Regulation (Microlight Aircraft, etc.), the Certificate of Special Flight Permit is issued.

Documents Required During Application

  • The Letter of Application stating the purpose of the request for airworthiness certificate in respect of the aircraft (initial airworthiness upon exportation, importation, and airworthiness validation), and the location where the process for reviewing will be carried out 
  • Approval of the maintenance schedule, or draft maintenance schedule drawn up in the event that the maintenance schedule will be approved during application, or references of the manufacturer
  • The relevant pages of the Aircraft Flight Manual-AFM, containing the noise values, in the event that noise certificate will be issued for the aircraft
  • DGCA Form 15b issued by the concerned SYK, in the event that the reviewing process has been carried out by the authorized SYK/CAMO
  • Third Person Liability Insurance (Purpose-oriented and applicable) 
  • Receipt of Service Fee
*It is inquired through the system, prior to issuance of the certificate, that whether the relevant aircraft has been recorded in the ELT, or not (If applicable to the respective aircraft). No certificate is issued to an aircraft, which has not been recorded in the ELT, even if all the other requirements have been satisfied.

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