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The developments occurred in the field of our civil aviation sector have turned Turkey into the shining star of the world in the field of aviation in parallel with the economic stability of our country. Our civil aviation achieves a new success every day not only in respect of the figures in passenger and air traffic but also service quality and implementation of international standards.

The synergy accumulated in the sector upon increase of the request for air transportation, as well as the growth potential provide significant opportunities for the companies/operators operating in this sector. Accordingly, the rapid increase in the number of our air operators brings about a more extensive responsibility to our Directorate General having the industrial regulation and supervision function.
Our Directorate General has to develop a high performance system, as in the aviation sector, with the purpose of closely following the developing technology, and applying any and all changes to its organization on rapid basis, and providing service in a more efficient manner. It is required to satisfy the requests brought about by the rapid and multiple change, and to realize the projects, which will support the development process, and most importantly, to maintain the aviation activities without making concessions to flight safety and aviation security
Our Directorate General, adopting an efficient and dynamic management approach, continues to work in cooperation with our sector in respect of carrying out civil aviation activities in compliance with the national and international regulations, and providing services on time and in a correct, impartial and reliable manner. Accordingly, working groups, consisting of our sector-specific employees, have been established in respect of each field of aviation. Our Directorate General and the Working Groups, consisting of sector-specific specialists, carry out works in respect of the fields such as drawing up of regulations, creation of question banks, preparation of branch books, setting of standards, etc.
Our Working Groups, established through the agency of our Directorate General and Industry, are as follows