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The duties of the Air Navigation Department are carried out under 2 Sections; 

  • Communications and Air Traffic Systems Sections
  • Air Traffic Management Section

The duties of the Air Navigation Department are:

To carry out airspace arrangement studies related to civil terminal and control areas, air traffic services, and to ensure coordination with relevant civil and military institutions and organizations.

To make plans, set up rules and ensure their implementation in coordination with the relevant organizations for a safe, fast and economical execution of air traffic management services.

To examine and evaluate air traffic incident/accidents to make necessary warnings to relevant persons and institutions and to ensure coordination by taking the necessary measures.

Publishing and/or ensuring the publication of NOTAM and Aviation Information Publication in coordination with the relevant institutions and organizations regarding airspace capacity and usage, determining the procedures and principles for the publication of NOTAM and Aviation Information Publication by service providers, making the necessary arrangements.

To work with national and international institutions and organizations related to air traffic management, to ensure and follow up the implementation of legislative regulations and applications when necessary.

To follow up communication and related applications to ensure frequency coordination within this framework.

Coordinating and implementing studies on aviation meteorology.

To make and supervise the regulations that a civil aircraft must comply with in terms of public, flight and air navigation safety, to take measures regarding air traffic management services and to determine, follow up, renew and cancel the licensing principles of the relevant personnel.

To initiate the necessary actions by taking the opinions of military and civil organizations during the determination of prohibited, restricted and dangerous areas.

To determine the scope and quality of the training that the air traffic personnel should have, and the training principles of the private training organizations that will train the air traffic personnel.

Performing similar duties as assigned by the Director General.

Air Navigational Department
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