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Flight Dispatcher

Flight Dispatcher performs all flight planning required for operation of flights primarily on safe basis, and monitors the flight throughout the flight. 

Flight Dispatcher refers to the person who informs the flight crew at any phase of a flight in order to ensure that the flight is maintained on secure and safe basis in the light of the request of the Pilot-in-Command or the information received, who monitors the flight in order to ensure that the details in relation to the flight are forwarded to the concerned divisions, who enables that the details in relation to an emergency (sabotage, accident destruction, hijacking, etc.) are reported to the concerned divisions, and who have been licensed by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. 

Flight Dispatchers ensure that all aircraft are prepared for the respective flights in a rapid and safe manner as possible. 

They ensure that all various operations/processes and services in relation to preparation of any aircraft for the respective flight are combined in the right order and at the right time in a manner to enable that the aircraft takes off at the scheduled time of departure.  

Flight Dispatchers monitor any and all activities covering the processes for cleaning, refueling and loading of baggage and cargo, get in close contact with the cabin crew and aircraft technicians to make sure that the aircraft is ready to take-off, and act in unison with such persons.  

Flight Dispatchers utilize a series of technology ranging from the operational planning tools to electronic systems with the purpose of enabling that the contact is maintained with all of various service providers. 
Moreover, such duty requires flexible working hours.  It, also, requires a shift working system as the flights may be operated at any time of the day, which means that you are expected to work early in the mornings, late at nights, at weekends or on official holidays.

Licensing Procedures

The status of any candidate, intending to obtain a flight dispatcher license, must satisfy the below-given requirements.

  • To be at least 23 years old,
  • To have graduated from a high school or its equivalent,
  • To have completed the required theoretical knowledge and training successfully at Training Organizations, authorized by the DGCA

Qualifications Required in terms of Experience:

To have gained experience by having served at the below-given positions for at least two (2) years in civil or military, scheduled or unscheduled airline operators;

  • As a pilot,
  • As air or ground radio operator,
  • As a navigator,
  • As a meteorologist,
  • To have served at the position of dispatcher or assistant thereof
  • To have served at any other positions, providing the required experience and deemed appropriate by the authorities
  • To have served at the position of air traffic controller for at least two (2) years within the last three (3) years
  • To have served at the position of assistant flight dispatcher under the control of a licensed flight dispatcher for at least one (1) year within the last two (2) years
  • To have successfully completed a course, organized to train flight dispatchers authorized by the DGCA, within the last 90 days


Flight Crew Licensing Directorate
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