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Authorized Aeromedical Examiner

Authorized Aeromedical Examiner refers to the title granted to the authorized physicians who are entitled to issue official reports and medical certificates regarding the aero-medical fitness of cabin crew members and air traffic controllers, serving in our country, upon initial and periodic medical examinations thereof, conducted in accordance with the national and international standards. Such persons are called as Authorized Aeromedical Examiners.

The physicians, intending to assume the title of Authorized  Aeromedical Examiner, must successfully complete the Aeromedical Examiner and Physiological Training Program delivered at the Aircrew's Health, Research and Training Center (USAEM) authorized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, and must have the Certificate of Aeromedical Examiner Course.

The Aeromedical Examiner and Physiological Training Program consists of 2 levels, namely Initial and Advanced. This program lasts for 5 weeks totally. The training to be delivered under the scope of this program covers academic training, practical training, flights and trips.

All announcements in relation to courses are issued on our web page, and applications for such courses are made to our Directorate General on the dates specified in the announcements.

Authorized Aeromedical Examiners may work at any medical institutions or organizations authorized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.  They perform flight examinations covered by their rating at the field for which they have been authorized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.  They must perform at least 10 flight examinations during the period of time for which they have been authorized. 

Aero-Medical Division
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