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Screener's Personnel

Screening Personnel refers to the personnel who screens passengers, personnel and the items carried by them, by means of walking-through metal detectors, hand-held metal detectors, etc., who provides screening (x-ray) security service in such services as x-ray operating, physical search and screening of hold baggage, cargo, aircraft and airport supplies, and who has been certificated by our Directorate General.

Security personnel, assigned at the screening (x-ray) equipment available at Airport Security Checkpoints, plays an important role at detection of any explosives, penetrating and sharp objects, as well as drugs. Undertaking such an important role, this personnel assumes a crucial duty in preventing  access of any dangerous goods, and of any objects to jeopardize flight safety, to the airports, and above all, to the aircraft, and such personnel is required to refresh themselves constantly via regular trainings of their companies and exams conducted by the same.

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