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Student Pilot License Processes

Student Pilot License is issued before the training starts so that the candidate pilots may receive the training courses which will form the basis for obtaining a license, and serves as a preliminary request form. Student Pilot License only permits flying only for flight training and in accordance with the training schedule. The application is filed by the management of the respective course with the Directorate together with the request forms containing the required documents and informations These documents, information and forms are assessed and a Student Pilot License is issued for those whose statuses are found eligible.

The following requirements are sought in applications for student pilot license:

  • To be at least 16 years of age before the first solo flight
  • To hold a high school degree or its equivalent
  • To hold a valid Class 1 or Class 2 medical certificate, indicating that there are not any restrictions for the holder to fly as pilot-in-command in a single-pilot aeroplane
  • To present a Criminal Record of the applicant