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Commercial Pilot License (CPL) Processes

The following requirements are sought in applications for commercial pilot license:

  • To be at least 18 years of age
  • To hold a high school degree or its equivalent
  • To hold a valid Class 1 medical certificate issued by the DGCA
  • To have completed the required theoretical knowledge and flight instruction successfully at the Flight Training Organizations authorized by the DGCA
  • To have successfully completed the theoretical knowledge examinations and flight skill test
  • To satisfy the flight time requirements prescribed by the applicable regulations
  • To prove that the application has no Criminal Record


Depending on the training and course programmed received, the holder of a commercial pilot license may use following privileges fully or partially:

  • To exercise all the privileges of the holder of a PPL(A)
  • To act as pilot-in-command or co-pilot of any aeroplane engaged in operations other than commercial air transportation
  • To act as pilot-in-command in commercial air transportation of any single-pilot aeroplane
  • To act as co-pilot of an aeroplane engaged in commercial air transportation

Flight Instruction

The applicant must complete in aeroplanes Minimum 150 hours of flight time to obtain a CPL at an Integrated Course, or Minimum 200 hours of flight time to obtain a CPL at a Modular Course. For night qualification, the applicant must additionally have minimum 5 hours of night flight time.