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Renewal of an aircraft maintenance license validity

Unless suspended, canceled, or subjected to penal restrictions by our Directorate General, the aircraft maintenance license is valid for a period of 5 years as of the date of its issuance.

Our Directorate General checks that whether any kinds of applicable processes for cancellation, suspension or amendment have been performed in respect of the aircraft maintenance license of the license holder, or not, by checking such license against the records of the Directorate General.

In case of compliance of the license with the records, or in case of no applicable criminal action, then the period of the license of the concerned person is extended for a further period of 5 years, and his/her file is updated accordingly.

The maintenance experience of the license holder is not required to be up-to-date in respect of the process for validation of the license due to the fact that such matter does not constitute any requirement for extension of the period of license.

The persons, whose license's validity period has expired, are required to apply to our Directorate General along with certain documents in order to extend the validity period of their licenses.

The following requirements are sought in respect of applications for Validation of an aircraft maintenance license:
  • Is the letter of application, stating the date of request, available?
  • Is the application form "Form19", which has been filled in completely, available?
  • Is the Original copy of the SHY-66 License available?
  • Is the receipt stating the fee paid under the scope of the Service Tariff available?

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