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Include an additional basic category or subcategory

The categories of the aircraft maintenance licenses are as follows:

  • Category A
  • Category B1
  • Category B2
  • Category B3
  • Category C

Category A and B1 are divided into the following subcategories based on the combinations of the aircraft, helicopters, and turbine and piston engines:

  • A1 and B1.1 Turbine-Aircraft
  • A2 and B1.2 Piston-Aircraft
  • A3 and B1.3 Turbine-Helicopters
  • A4 and B1.4 Piston-Helicopters

The license holder may serve in compliance with the category specified on his/her current license. In the event that the person, who requests the addition of a category to his/her current license, satisfies the requirements, then the Directorate General re-issues the license, by adding the category or subcategory thereto.
The following requirements are sought in respect of the applications for addition of Category to the aircraft maintenance license:

  • Is the letter of application, stating the date of request, available?
  • Is the application form "Form19", which has been filled in completely, available?
  • Is the Original copy of the SHY-66 License, at least one category of which is open, available?
  • Have all restrictions on the SHY-66 License been removed?
  • Does the person satisfy the additional active aircraft maintenance experience, specified under Annex-4 of the SHY 66-01 Regulation?
  • Are the original copies of the documents of exam results (which have been completed within the last 7 years based on the date of application), which have been obtained form the exam center, in compliance with the addition of the Category requested, available?
  • Is the receipt stating the fee paid under the scope of the Service Tariff available?
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