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Remove Limitations

The restrictions arising from the conversion of the SHDT-35 licenses to SHY-66 licenses are removed in the event that the modules for restrictions or the exams for sub-modules are completed successfully, and that the maintenance experience in relation to the Conversion Limitation is documented.

The following requirements are sought in respect of applications for removal of the conversion limitation available in the aircraft maintenance license:

  • Is the letter of application, stating the date of request, available?
  • Is the application form "Form19", which has been filled in completely, available?
  • Are the experience records in respect of the Modules, requiring experience, available?
  • Are the original copies of the documents of exam results (which have been completed within the last 7 years based on the date of application), which have been obtained form the exam center, in compliance with the addition of the Category requested, available?
  • Is the receipt stating the fee paid under the scope of the Service Tariff available?
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