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ATPL Exams

The exams are carried out at the headquarters of our Directorate General, and consist of the following 14 exams in English. Appointments regarding the Exams for ATPL Pilots are made through the Exam Reservation System (SRS). The candidates, intending to take the Exam for ATPL Pilots, may make appointment for the exams and may pay the fees for each course through the Internet. The Application Form, sent to our Directorate General in respect of the Exams for ATPL Pilots previously, is not required to be sent anymore.


010 Air Law and ATC Procedures 033 Flight Planning and Monitoring 070 Operational Procedures
021 Airframe/ Aircraft Systems/ Engine 040 Human Performance and Limits 081 Flight Principles
022 Instrument/Electronics 050 Meteorology 091 VFR Communications
031 Weight and Balance 061 General Navigation 092 IFR Communications
032 Performance 062 Instrumental Navigation  

All candidates, whose ATPL exam process is in progress, or who will initially start to take exams, are required to apply in person to the following Flight Training Organizations and universities through their Identity numbers, and to receive Exam Reservation Password for once only, in order to make the application for exam through the Internet.

The candidates may log in the system through such passwords, received from the authorized centers, in order to carry out the processes for Exam Reservation. The Appointments for Exams will start at 10.00 on the first day of the reservation dates declared previously, and may be made through the Internet until 23.59 on the last day of the reservation dates.

The candidates may change the day-hour of the reservation for twice only until the last day of their appointment dates. The candidates may select the exam, which they intend to take, on the day when they wish. There is no restriction in respect of the exam days. The exam reservations may be performed on the pre-determined dates, through