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PPL Exams

PPL Exams are conducted by our General Directorate; Air Law, General Knowledge of Aircraft, Flight Performance and Planning, Human Performance and Limits, Meteorology, Navigation, Operation Procedures, Flight Principles, Communication Procedures are randomly taken through the computer program from the Question Bank produced with the level rating, and the exams are held under the supervision of our General Directorate in Approved Training Organizations. 

The total exam duration will not exceed 6 hours and will have at least 120 questions. The passing grade in the exam is 75 out of 100. All theoretical exams must be completed within 18 months from the date of commencement of the exams. These results are considered valid for 24 months as a basis for obtaining a private pilot license.

The flight test is carried out by a control pilot authorized by our General Directorate. The candidate takes the test after being deemed appropriate to take the skill test as a result of the examination of our General Directorate. Upon failure of the skill test, additional training may be required. In case of failure of all parts of the test twice, additional training will be taken to be determined by our General Directorate. There is no restriction on the number of skill tests to be taken.