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Release of Mortgage

It is required to apply to our Directorate General with the following documents in order for release of the mortgage agreement, which has been executed by and between the Mortgagee and the Mortgagor (owner of the aircraft), and which has been registered to the Turkish Civil Aircraft Registry:

  • The cover letter, which includes the request for the release of mortgage, and which has been drawn up by the Mortgagee by addressing our Directorate General (the undersigned persons must document that they are authorized to sign in the relevant matter)

The relevant application may be performed through delivery of the documents, either in person or by mail, to our Directorate General. Also, in case of performance of the processes through the agency of a proxy, such person is obliged to submit the documents proving that s/he is authorized to carry out the procedures. In the event that the power of attorney is issued abroad, then it is required to bear the "Apostille".