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Importation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Importation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Granting the Letter of Technical Conformity for Importation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Any persons, operators/companies or entities, intending to import an unmanned aerial vehicle from any country to Turkey, shall make an application for technical conformity regarding importation, in order to be submitted to the concerned Customs Office, in compliance with the requirements of Article 5 (2) of the SHT-IHA Instruction.

Model Aircraft (unmanned aerial vehicles, which can be used outdoors, and maximum take-off mass/weight of which is not more than 20 kilograms, and which have no autonomous flight capability, and which are flown within the field of vision of the user, and which are used only for sports and entertainment purposes); and any flyable toys or vehicles, which have been manufactured in order to be used at indoors; as well as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), maximum take-off mass/weight (MTOM/MTOW) of which is less than 4 kg, and maximum speed of which is less than 50 km per hour, and maximum altitude of which is not more than 100 meters to the ground, are excluded from the scope of this instruction.

Documents Required During Application

  • The Letter of Application, which contains the details for the manufacturer, type and serial number of the respective aircraft, and the customs tariff statistical position (CTSP) numbers, and which specifies the concerned Customs Office to which the letter will be submitted
  • Any type certificate, certificate of conformity or any equivalent document thereof, which have been granted by the Directorate General or by the authority of the concerned country, deemed appropriate by the Directorate General (In case that it is not possible to obtain such document from the concerned authority, then a letter of conformity, which will be granted by the manufacturer, and which specifies the national and/or international standards in compliance with which the aircraft has been manufactured, provided that it is provided on the letterhead of the company and signed by the company official, may be accepted by the Directorate General)
  • A written declaration, which contains the serial number assigned by the manufacturer for the aircraft intended to be imported, and which has been issued by the manufacturer (it may be stated within the certificate of conformity above)
  • Product catalog containing the technical specifications of UAV
  • The original copy of the invoice, or the approved copy thereof
  • Identity details (Identity Card or photocopy of the passport) required for Security Investigation, which will be carried out at the concerned safety division by the Directorate General by stating that the operation will be performed by UAV, in respect of any persons importing the UAV and/or end users of the UAV
  • A written declaration, which will be issued by the end user in respect of the fact that the maintenance activities of the UAV will be carried out in accordance with the manuals issued by the manufacturer thereof
  • Receipt of Service Fee