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Conversion of Private Pilot License PPL(A/H)

The information given below is only a summary information in accordance with the SHT-1LC Instruction for CONVERSION OF PILOT LICENSE AND AUTHORITIES ISSUED BY FOREIGN COUNTRIES. You can find the said instruction at for the instruction please click.

In the SHT-1LC Instruction, which came into force as of 01.01.2022, to roughly express how the PPL license issued by foreign countries (including all ICAO and EASA) will be converted to a Turkish license (provided that future revisions in the instruction are reserved);

1- Passing the theoretical exam held at PPL level by the Turkish General Directorate of Civil Aviation on Air Law and Human Performance (The ATPL Theoretical Exam Result Certificate made by our General Directorate also includes the PPL and IR Theoretical Exams. To get information about the exam, please contact approved Training organisations in Turkiye)
2- To have completed at least 100 hours of flight time totally and valid class rating that to be wanted conversion.
3- To have at least 2nd Class Medical Certificate issued by the General Directorate in accordance with SHT-MED,
4- To have received 25 hours of dual control training (dual) in the foreign country where the license is obtained.
5- To have performed a solo flight under supervision for 10 hours with 5 hours of solo cross country flight in the foreign country for which the license is obtained. (Opposite the flights, the approval of the flying organization must be required)
6- Succeeding in the skill test to be entered in an Approved Training Organization (ATO) in Turkiye, provided that there is at least 100 hours of flight experience in the class rating (single engine / multi-engine) to be converted,
7- To prove Turkish knowledge to the examiner during the control flight and to prove that he has language proficiency in Turkish or success English exam (least Level-4) in accordance with SHT-1DY LANGUAGE proficiency instruction
8- The fee of " ICAO pilot lisansının çevrilmesi " is selected over and the payment receipt is added to the documents. (Private Pilot License (first issue) fee is paid when applying for the last license. It is not paid when applying for license conversion)
9- The application form will be filled and delivered to our General Directorate with the attached documents. (FR.28 Pilot License Conversion Application Form Issued by Foreign Countries -
10- Official Paper (Please write the ATO name in the official paper)

Note1: The requirements listed above must be completed without applying to our General Directorate. Refresher training and control flight, which will be deemed necessary by the ATO in Turkiye, will be carried out after the official letter sent by us to the ATO after the application is made. For ATO’s in Turkiye:

IMPORTANT GENERAL NOTE: Please submit the documents you will send with the application official paper, not on behalf of the individual; Send it as "General Directorate of Civil Aviation". Because, when the General Directorate of Civil Aviation is written on the sent part, the official documents are recorded from the Document Register; is being processed. You can also hand over these documents along with the official paper