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D-8 Member Countries Working Group on Civil Aviation..

2 Sep 2014
D-8 Member Countries Working Group on Civil Aviation and Director Generals' Meeting has been held in Bangladesh between August 24-25, 2014. While the study carried out by Turkey for certification of the Screeners serving at the airports has been one of the major items on the agenda of the said meeting, the D-8 Member Countries have asked for support of our country. 

Developments about the global aviation, the need for human resources of aviation, cooperation opportunities at training and the practice of Certification of the Screeners were the issues discussed during the meeting, which has been opened by Mr. Rashed Khan Menon, the Minister of Civil Aviation of Bangladesh, and to which the civil aviation executives of Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Egypt, Nigeria and Turkey have participated.

During his speech he has delivered at the meeting, Dr. Seyed Ali Mohammed Mousavi, the Secretary General of the D-8, indicated that the aviation industry has made a contribution amounting approximately to 2 trillion dollars to the world economy and also that 2.5 billion passengers and cargo amounting to 5.30 trillion dollars have been carried on annual basis, and draw the attention to the importance of cooperation at such a paramount industry. 

He stated that 34% of the passengers carried at the D-8 countries during 2013 was carried by Indonesia, and 30% of the same was carried by Turkey according to the ICAO data, and the developments at these two countries were pointed out. 

Mr. Bahri Kesici, the Deputy Director General, who has delivered a presentation about the software, which is in relation to "Certification of the Screeners" at the airports, and which has been developed wholly domestically, stated that the member countries will be supported by providing them with the training at such subject upon the requests forwarded by the member countries. Also, it was resolved at the said meeting that a multilateral agreement shall be drafted by and between the D-8 countries, and also that a seminar shall be held for enabling Turkey to share its experience of liberalization at civil aviation with the member countries. 

The D-8 Member Countries Working Group on Civil Aviation, which is one of the regional cooperation groups established under the leadership of Turkey, and the Deputy Chair for capacity enhancement is being held by the DGCA, has also resolved to robustly support our country which is a candidate for 2016 ICAO Council elections. 

We hereby respectfully announce the foregoing to the public.