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A giant step by the DGCA and STM for multidimensional cooperation...

A multidimensional Cooperation Protocol, covering several fields of civil aviation, was executed by and between the DGCA and STM. Three cooperation agreements were also executed separately in the fields of "cyber-security", "aviation security"  and "airworthiness" at thefirst stage, under the scope of the main protocol. 

A Cooperation Protocol was executed by and between the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and Savunma Teknolojileri Muhendislik ve Ticaret A.S. (STM) in order to establish cooperation in various fields of civil aviation.

Bahri KESICI, Acting Director General of Civil Aviation, and Murat IKINCI, General Manager of STM, executed the cooperation protocol during the signing ceremony held on January 08, 2019 in Vecihi HürkuşMeeting Hall at the DGCA. 

Under the scope of such protocol, cooperation will be established between the two entities for carrying out training, consultancy and joint R&D activities, and creating/carrying out technology development/technology acquisition projects, and organizing joint seminars and conferences. With this protocol, the parties also reached agreement on several matters including but not limited to provision of support to STM aviation solutions by the DGCA on national and international arena, as well as preparation of the business plans to design, produce and sell the effectivity- and accessibility-enhancing (products and services) products for the parties, and determination and implementation of the appropriate strategies.

Agreements were executed in 3 fields at the first stage of the Cooperation Protocol...

At the first stage; "cooperation agreement in the field of cyber-security", "cooperation agreement in the field of aviation security"  and "cooperation agreement in the field of airworthiness"were executed as part of the cooperation protocol anticipated to consist of a comprehensive main protocol text and separate annexes to be executed in different fields of cooperation. 

As part of the Cooperation Agreement in the field of Cyber-Security; a joint working group will be formed in order to fulfill the obligations, prescribed under such protocol, and cooperation will be established to provide cyber-security exercises, penetration tests, cyber-intelligence and SOC services, to offer cyber-security training services, and to carry out joint projects across the international platforms.

As part of the Cooperation Agreement in the field of Aviation Security; cooperation will be established among the international working groups in the fields of joint representation, security devices and technologies, certification of such technologies, security trainings, risk and threat assessments, explosive detection dogs, behavior analysis, screener qualifications and certification, provision of information to passengers, biometric systems, readable travel documents, etc.

As part of the Cooperation Agreement in the field of Airworthiness; cooperation will be established among the international working groups to carry out technical consultancy activities to reinforce the DGCA's certification infrastructure, and to support any and all activities to be carried out to provide information on industry-wide basis.

In addition to these agreements executed at the first stage, it's planned to execute an additional cooperation agreement to carry out analyses for any negative interference from the natural and artificial structures around the navigation aid devices for airports (Radar, VOR, NDB, DME, LLZ and GP) in the upcoming period. Under the scope of this protocol executed in a manner that can be further developed and improved, new cooperation agreements can be executed in the other fields of aviation if and when any need arises.

We hereby respectfully announce the foregoing to the public.