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A meeting on Global Reporting Format (GRF) was held under the chairmanship of DGCA

Under the chairmanship of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure General Directorate of Civil Aviation, a meeting on the Global Reporting Format (GRF), developed to generate a runway status report, was held at Istanbul Airport on 08 November 2021. Senior officials from DHMI General Directorate, HEAŞ and İGA Airport Operation Inc. attended the meeting.
Brief information is given about the GRF system, which started to be implemented on 04 November 2021. Then, within the scope of our General Directorate's letter dated 22 February 2021, the practices to be done, the procedures to be prepared, the trainings to be taken, the forms to be arranged, the arrangements and transactions made by the airport operators regarding the training records were discussed. Finally, the expectations of the sector from DGCA and other stakeholders, especially airline personnel, were expressed.
In this context, the actions to be taken to ensure the unity of practice in the ongoing GRF reporting and evaluations were evaluated by DGCA and sector representatives.
In the continuation of this meeting, under the chairmanship of DGCA, DHMI General Directorate, IGA Airport Operations Inc., HEAŞ, ÇELEBİ, TGS and FUGO a meeting on ramp safety statistics and ramp safety assessment, which was sent monthly from organizations to our General Directorate, was held.”