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Aviation agreement which increases the passenger and cargo flights was signed with Iraq

10 Apr 2015
The Memorandum of Undersanding was signed between the Aeronautical Authorities of Turkey and Iraq as a result of the negotiations which was held on 2 April 2015 in Ankara.

It was agreed to increase the passenger and cargo frequencies and specify two additional scheduled points in Turkey and in Iraq during the negotiations headed by Turkish Civil Aviation Deputy Director General MR. Bahri KESİCİ and Iraqi Civil Aviation Deputy Director General Mr. Mohammed AZIZ.

With the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Turkey and Iraq ; both parties have mutually obtained the right to increase the weekly passenger services frequencies from sixty-two (62) to one hundred-sixteen (116) and the weekly cargo services frequencies from four (4) to ten (10) between the two countries.

Moreover, Adana and Diyarbakır are added as destination points for the designated airlines of Iraq and one point to be specified later is added as destination point for the designated airlines of Turkey in the Route Annex. Thus seven points for each side are determined.

It is planned to develop trade and economic ties between two countries and strengthen the air links to the Middle East Area that has the aviation potential through this arrangement.

Respectfully announced to the public.