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Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to establish the Gender Balance Fostering Commision (GBFC)

7 Mar 2018

With an aim to develop gender balance in the Turkish civil aviation industry, "Instruction on Development of Gender Balance in Civil Aviation" was promulgated by DGCA on February 28, 2018, and systematic activities and events, planned to be conducted on annual basis with the following purposes, will be the first in Turkey.

a) to monitor gender balance in civil aviation industry, and to produce solutions to develop such equality,
b) to carry out initiatives and projects to create equal opportunities for both genders in selection of occupations in the field of aviation,
c) in particular, to encourage women to education and training in the aviation-specific fields,

The first event, planned in 2018 by DGCA-GBFC, is the symposium titled on "Development of Gender Balance in Aviation" to be held on March 8, 2018 in Ankara with several panels to be attended by the women of aviation, who soared and play a role with their efforts in the aviation industry, as speakers.

Throughout this symposium, the motto of "Let Women Soar!" will be adopted by the Canada-based Institute for Women of Aviation Worldwide in line with the theme of the Women of Aviation Worldwide Week to promote engagement of Turkey in the globally-coordinated activities and events, to be held throughout the entire week covering the day of March 8th in memory of March 8, 1910 when Barones Raymonde de Laroche, the first women pilot of the world, obtained her pilot license, and these activities and events will be held every year.

It is aimed that the associations, institutions and organizations included in the national aviation ecosystem under the leadership of DGCA-GBFC will maintain and traditionalize similar symposiums with different themes under which the professionals, who play a role with their efforts in development of our national aviation field, and who contribute to development of gender balance in aviation, can share their experiences and women of aviation can share their upward career stories, as well as their suggestions to women who intent to rear up in the field of aviation.

We hereby announce the foregoing to the public.