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DGCA Proceeds on Developing Collaboration with Civil Aviation Authority of Russia…

7 Feb 2019
The working arrangement including cooperation of the mutual acceptance of aeronautical products and the ensuring continued airworthiness was signed on February 7, 2018 between Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the Federal Air Transport Agency of the Russian Federation (FATA). The cooperation activities of two countries’ aeronautical industries began at the end of the last year within the scope of the arrangement.
Regarding the invitation of the FATA delegation, Can EREL, Deputy Director General, and Özcan BAŞOĞLU, Head of Airworthiness Department, participated in National Aviation Infrastructure Show and Flytex Exhibition (, held on 6-7 February 2019 in Moscow.
At the award ceremony held at the beginning of the exhibition, Turkish Airlines was remunerated with best “Business Class” and “Eco Class” awards that received by Director of Moscow of Turkish Airlines.
Additionally, a presentation related to construction process of the İstanbul Airport was made by the Chief Planning Officer of Istanbul Grand Airport (İGA) during “Airport infrastructure investments: Challenges and Opportunities in Public Private Partnership” session. Furthermore, Turkish Technic and Logosky also attended the exhibition.