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A program was held at Turkish Civil Aviation Academy with the representatives of the Civil Aviation Authorities during the activities of the 12th Transport and Communications Forum.

Officials of the civil aviation authorities of seven countries participated in the 12th Transport and Communications Forum, which started at Istanbul Atatürk Airport on October 6, 2021.

On the second day of the Forum, a program was held at Turkish Civil Aviation Academy (TCAA) with the representatives of Azerbaijan, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Libya and Serbia.

The mentioned program started with the opening speech of Director General of Turkish DGCA Prof. Dr. Kemal YÜKSEK. He stated that TCAA woud play a much more active role in the upcoming period and that it was ready to provide the necessary training in the field of civil aviation. He emphasized that the physical infrastructure of TCAA to provide face-to-face training is at a very good level, as well as the infrastructure to provide training on the digital platform.

Prof. Dr. YÜKSEK stated that “Turkey continues to strengthen in all aspects in the field of civil aviation at international level and that it will crown this strength with internationally recognized trainings.”
On the other hand, bilateral meetings were held with the Civil Aviation Authorities of Libya and North Macedonia within the margin of the said program.

At the end of the meeting, with the President of the Libyan Civil Aviation Authority, Mr. Mustafa BIN AMAR and Prof. Dr. YÜKSEK signed a Memorandum of Understanding so as to improve the cooperation in the field of training. Another Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the safety surveillance of balloon operations was signed with Mr. Tomislav TUNTEV, Director General of the North Macedonia Civil Aviation Authority.
After the signing ceremony, representatives of all civil aviation authorities were toured by TCAA.