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Exams for Dispatchers

Exams for Dispatchers are carried out by our Directorate General at the exam centers designated in Ankara, Antalya and Istanbul. Also, our Directorate General may carry out mobile exams at the locations and times deemed appropriate by the same, if it deems required, or upon the requests, in writing,  of the organizations. The exams are carried out with the exam booklets drawn up randomly in a manner to include the questions, which are prepared based on the rating, available in the question bank created by our Directorate General.

The status of any candidate, intending to apply to the Exam for Dispatchers, is required to satisfy the following requirements.
  1. To be at least 23 years old,
  2. To have graduated from a high school or its equivalent,
  3. To have successfully completed the required theoretical knowledge and training at the Training Organizations, authorized by our Directorate General.

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