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Aircraft Technician

The aircraft technicians are included in the occupational group, licensed by our Directorate General in order to perform maintenance works on the light, rotary wing or large aircraft. Aircraft technicians carry out the inspection (check), maintenance and repair of the aircraft airframe structures, engines, and electronic and avionic systems.

The aircraft technicians are required to hold the SHY-66 aircraft maintenance technician license, obtained from our Directorate General, in order to carry out the maintenance works on any aircraft and to sign the certificate of airworthiness. License holders must have received the training for the type of the aircraft, the certificate of release to service of which will be signed by the same; and the aircraft type, for which they have an applicable rating, must be stated on their licenses.

Categories of Licenses

Category Definition
A Line Maintenance Mechanics Technician
B1 Aircraft Maintenance Technician (Mechanical)
B2 Aircraft Maintenance Technician (Avionics)
C Aircraft Base Maintenance Engineer or Technician

A competent aircraft technician must primarily have sense of responsibility due to the fact that lives of hundreds of persons and hundred-million-dollar-aircraft are entrusted to the same. The characteristics, which a competent aircraft technician is required to have, can be specified as follows: to have high sense of reasoning, manipulative skills, sufficient level of English language proficiency and experience in the field which the same serves. Keeping calm is of vital importance for work safety, particularly, due to the fact that the works are carried out under time pressure.


Licensing Procedures