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Pilot is the general term for the occupational group that operates an aircraft and assumes the administration and management of an aircraft for pleasure, privately or professionally. While it is sufficient to have a private pilot license to fly for pleasure, you will need a commercial pilot license apart from the flight training or exams for private pilot licenses, if you wish to practice it as a professional occupation.

Being a professional pilot is a prestigious occupation which requires constant training and self-improvement as well as high level of responsibility and attention. Especially those pilots, who practice this occupation in commercial flights as a professional career follow highly strict working regulations as flights might be operated at any time 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

However, the Duty Times of Pilots are subject to some daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual limitations. Flight duty time and rest requirements are regulated in accordance with the applicable legislation. Besides of its difficulties, this well-prestigious occupation also has a high income potential.


Exam Schedule

Processes for Licensing of Pilots

a. Student Pilot License Processes
b. Private Pilot License (PPL) Processes
c. Commercial Pilot License (CPL) Processes
d. Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) Processes 
e. Glider Pilot License (GPL) Processes
f. Instructor Ratings
                1. Flight Instructor Rating (FI)
                           1(a). Flight Instructor (Aeroplane) FI(A)
                           1(b). Flight Instructor (Balloon) FI(B)
                           1(c). Flight Instructor (Glider) FI(GPL)
                           1(d). Flight Instructor (Ultralights) FI(UPL)
                 2. Type Rating Instructor (TRI)
                 3. Synthetic Flight Instructor (SFI)
g.Examiner Authorizations
                 1. Flight Examiner (FE)
                 2. Type Rating Examiner (TRE)
                 3. Class Rating Examiner (CRE) 
                 4. Synthetic Flight Examiner (SFE) 
                 5. Flight Instructor Examiner (FIE)

h.Processes for Licensing of Pilots
                 1. Conversion of Private Pilot License PPL(A/H)
                 2. Conversion of Commercial Pilot License CPL(A/H) 
                 3. Conversion of Instrument Rating IR(A/H)
                 4. Conversion of Airline Transport Pilot License ATPL(A/H) 
                 5. Conversion of Flight Instructor Ratings FI(A/H)